Duomo di Firenze



My guided tours are all personalised and adapted to your individual wishes and curiosity. 
Here below you will find some suggested itineraries to discover the artistic and cultural heritage of the city. Of course, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, I am always here for you! 

Private Florence walking tour

I will meet you directly at your accomodation in town.
Then, you will start a pleasant guided tour of the city from the heart of Florence itself: PIAZZA DELLA SIGNORIA, an open air museum where the majestic Palazzo Vecchio stands and where the Loggia dei Lanzi houses an incredible collection of original statues by great artists such as Cellini and Giambologna.
Walk through the colonnade of the Uffizi Gallery to arrive at PONTE VECCHIO, the oldest bridge of the city.. and even the most picturesque! Discover how this particular architecture hides one of the most sublime secrets of the city.. the stunning Vasari Corridor connecting Palazzo Vecchio to Pitti Palace and snaking its way over rows of private houses as well as churches.We’ll walk through the Medieval District of Florence, where you can admire the House of Dante before getting to the breath taking DUOMO SQUARE. I will try to catch your attention while describing in details the history and curiosities of the construction of the Cathedral, the Baptistery, Giotto’s Bell Tower and the world renowned Brunelleschi’s Cupola.

Uffizi Gallery private visit 

A comprehensive and fascinating itinerary that will catch the attention of first time visitors and art lovers'alike. The museum is huge but thanks to your guide, you will make sure to admire all the main masterpieces and, what is more, to understand the development of Italian art during the centuries. Starting from GIOTTO and MASACCIO, the real innovators of our history, you will be involved in an exciting celebration of beauty, admiring such masterpieces as BOTTICELLI's BIRTH OF VENUS, LEONARDO's ANNUNCIATION and MICHELANGELO's TONDO DONI, to name a few.At the end of the guided tour you can remain in the Uffizi Gallery until closing time

Accademia Gallery private visit

This guided tour is a must and will be a discovery for anyone interested in MICHELANGELO: I will reveal you some interesting facts about the tormented life of the Tuscan artist, who was not only a sculptor, but also a painter, an architect and a sensitive poet. However, his genius matched his restlessness: his whole life was marked by the continuous struggle between form and content, between his religious devotion and his personal hidden desires. This inner conflict perfectly exemplified by the use of his technique, the world-famos NON FINITO, where an apparent incomplete sculpture seems to literally come out of the block of marble, as if it was always there. An authentic struggle between form and content brought into life.At the end of the guided tour you will have the possibility to stay in the museum for as long as you like

Dante Alighieri Itinerary

In the heart of Florence you can still see the medieval quarter with places that evoke the life, history and works of one of the greatest poets of world literature. We will discover together the most famous medieval monuments  by entering life in Dante's time with the political struggles that characterized it. In addition to the walk that will take us to the Baptistery of S. Giovanni, Piazza S. Martino, Torre della Castagna, Piazza della Signoria and Piazza S. Croce, we recommend a visit to the Dante's House Museum to learn more about the lifestyle and history of Florence of the '300.

dante 1.jpg

Santa Croce  and Santa Maria Novella churches

Santa Croce, rebuilt for the Franciscan order in 1294 by Arnolfo di Cambio, is the burial place for the great and good in Florence. Michelangelo is buried in Santa Croce, as are Rossini, Machiavelli, and the Pisan-born Galileo Galilei, who was tried by the Inquisition and was not allowed a Christian burial until 1737, 95 years after his death. There is also a memorial to Dante, but his sarcophagus is empty (he is actually buried in Ravenna as he was exiled from Florence).

Image by Soff Garavano Puw

Following the steps of the Medici Family

A unique private tour to find out more about the Medici Family and the essence of their main characters. This Italian banking family had a political dynasty that began under Cosimo de' Medici in the Republic of Florence during the first half of the 15th century. A family who encouraged the careers of several artists as Michelangelo. A family that ruled Florence and, later, Tuscany becoming the symbol of a city and a very important part of its history.

This unique walking itinerary will take you to Palazzo Medici Riccardi, the first palace of the Family and home of Cosimo il Vecchio and Lorenzo il Magnifico. Here worked artists as Donatello, Michelangelo, Paolo Uccello, Benozzo Gozzoli and Botticelli.

You will also walk by S. Lorenzo church, Medici Chapels, Pitti Palace and more, including Palazzo Strozzi, Palazzo Albizi and Palazzo Pazzi the amazing palaces of the Medici's enemy families and you will discover also the places where many of the scenes of the tv series “THE MEDICI” took place. An amazing and historical tour just for you!

Image by Matteo Lezzi

Discovering Pisa

Meet me by Piazza dei Miracoli and fill your eyes with the stunning beauty of its Duomo, the Baptistry, the Camposanto (the monumental cemetry), and the very famous Leaning Tower; Piazza dei Cavalieri of Renaissance times, via di Borgo Stretto with its arcades, the picturesque Piazza delle Vettovaglie, the medieval Torre del Campano and the Lungarni (the avenues along the river Arno)